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Module:Location map/data/Jordan Wiki

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Module:Location map/information/Jordan is a location map definition used to overlay markers and labels on an equirectangular projection map of Jordan. The markers are positioned by latitude and longitude coordinates on the default map or the same map picture.


These definitions are utilized by the next templates when invoked with parameter “Jordan”:

Map definition

  • title = Jordan
    Name used within the default map caption
  • backside = 29.1
    Latitude at backside fringe of map, in decimal levels
  • left = 34.8
    Longitude at left fringe of map, in decimal levels
  • proper = 39.4
    Longitude at proper fringe of map, in decimal levels

Alternative map

The {{Location map}}, {{Location map many}}, and {{Location map+}} templates have parameters to specify another map picture. The map displayed as image1 can be utilized with the aid or AlternativeMap parameters. Examples could also be discovered under or within the following:


Longitude: from West to East this map definition covers 4.6 levels.

  • At a picture width of 200 pixels, that’s 0.023 levels per pixel.
  • At a picture width of 1000 pixels, that’s 0.0046 levels per pixel.

Latitude: from North to South this map definition covers 4.4 levels.

  • At a picture top of 200 pixels, that’s 0.022 levels per pixel.
  • At a picture top of 1000 pixels, that’s 0.0044 levels per pixel.

Examples utilizing location map templates

Location map, utilizing default map (picture)

Amman is located in Jordan


Amman (Jordan)

{ lat_deg = 31.93

Location map many, utilizing aid map (image1)

{ Jordan

Location map+, utilizing AlternativeMap

{{Location map+ | Jordan
| AlternativeMap = Jordan location map Topographic.png
| width   = 200
| caption = Two areas in Jordan
| locations  =
  { lat_deg = 31.93
  { label   = Aqaba

See additionally

Location map templates

Creating new map definitions

return {
	title = 'Jordan',
	high = 33.5,
	backside = 29.1,
	left = 34.8,
	proper = 39.4,
	picture = 'Jordan location map.svg',
	image1 = 'Jordan location map Topographic.png'

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