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Beasts (Crowley novel)

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Beasts (

ISBN 0-385-11260-2) is a novel by American author John Crowley, printed in 1976 by Doubleday.

Dave Langford reviewed Beasts for White Dwarf #99, and acknowledged that “The slightest of Crowley’s works? I recant: something by him calls for to be learn and reread.”[4]

Brian W. Aldiss and David Wingrove reported that “for all of the poetry in Crowley’s writing, Beasts treats its subject material in a practical mode that provides the guide a resonance and a relevance it’d in any other case have lacked.”[3]

The New York Times reviewer Gerald Jonas praised Crowley’s “prodigious inventiveness”, describing the novel as “a memorable story that ends too quickly.”[2]

Political forces end result within the leos being deemed an experimental failure, first resigned to reservations, and later to be hunted down and eradicated. A central aspect of the story is the connection between Painter and Reynard, who acts as a kingmaker behind the scenes.

Beasts describes a world by which genetically engineered animals are given quite a lot of human traits. Painter is a leo, a mixture of man and lion. Reynard, a personality derived from medieval European fable, is a component fox.

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