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Ranger Bill

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Ranger Bill is a Christian radio program from the Nineteen Fifties, produced by Moody Radio. With over 200 episodes produced, Ranger Bill stars Miron Canaday because the title character and Stumpy Jenkins and Ed Ronne, Sr as Grey Wolf. The most important character, Ranger Bill, is a forest ranger situated within the city of Knotty Pine alongside the Rocky Mountains. The present describes the assorted tales of the adventures of Ranger Bill and his buddies.

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The Moody Bible Institute initially aired on October 2, 1950 in 15 minute episodes. The sequence later aired in half-hour episode format, with the earliest identified episode airing May 14, 1954. The sequence continued by way of 1964, and was later syndicated by way of to the current in 30 minute episodes.

Miron Canaday

Miron Canaday

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