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Junior’s Farm

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In 1996, “Junior’s Farm” was coated by Galactic Cowboys on their EP Feel the Rage.[8]

In 1994, “Junior’s Farm” was coated by the Lee Harvey Oswald Band on their album A Taste of Prison.[7]

“Junior’s Farm” was later launched on the McCartney/Wings compilation Wings Greatest in 1978 and the US model of All the Best! in 1987, though it was not on the UK version of the latter album. The three-minute radio edit of the track was included on the 201 compilation Wingspan: Hits and History. Along with its B-side (the country-flavoured “Sally G”), “Junior’s Farm” was remastered for inclusion on the Hear-Music model of Venus and Mars launched in November 2014.

The music video of “Junior’s Farm” exhibits Paul McCartney enjoying a Kay electrical bass guitar. The single was McCartney’s final launch on Apple Records earlier than signing a solo recording contract with Capitol Records in May 1975, following the dissolution of the Beatles’ partnership.

The photograph for one of many single’s image sleeves featured Wings wearing costumes similar to the track’s lyrics (for instance, drummer Geoff Britton as a poker supplier and guitarist Denny Laine because the ‘Eskimo’). A sea lion, additionally talked about within the lyrics, seems within the photograph, between Britton and ‘farmer’ McCartney. This photograph appeared on the image sleeve of the only in Spain and in ads elsewhere. In the UK and the US, the only was launched in a generic Apple Records sleeve.

The single continued McCartney and Wings’ worldwide success after the album Band on the Run. It made No. 3 within the US, No. 16 within the UK charts,[6] and was successful elsewhere.

McCartney stated he primarily based the track’s lyrical theme on Bob Dylan’s “Maggie’s Farm” and that ‘the concept was to only get a fantasy track about this individual Junior’. McCartney stated that, in distinction to the diploma of thought Dylan utilized to his song-writing, ‘[“Junior’s Farm”] has foolish phrases and mainly all it means is, ‘Let’s get out of town’ … As for studying deep meanings into the phrases, individuals should not trouble, there are not any’.[5]

The monitor was engineered by Ernie Winfrey at Soundshop Studios in Nashville, Tennessee in 1974.[2][3] While recording in Nashville, the band stayed on the Lebanon, Tennessee farm of Curly Putman Jr., which accounts for the track’s title.[4] Jimmy McCulloch performed the guitar solo as his Wings debut.

Junior’s Farm” is a track written by Paul McCartney (although credited to Paul and Linda McCartney) and carried out by Paul McCartney and Wings. It was issued as a non-album single by Apple Records in October 1974, whereupon it peaked at No. 3 within the United States[1] and No. 16 within the United Kingdom.

“Sally G”

“Sally G”

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