May 10, 2021

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List of Christian dance, electronic, and techno artists

List of notable digital, techno, dance, Eurodance, Christian digital dance music and up to date Christian music artists who play Christian digital music.

The following artists are thought-about extra to be up to date Christian music, Christian rock or Christian hip hop however have launched a number of songs, an album, EP or remix album within the digital music style:

The following disc jockeys from all over the world which have made a major contribution to the Christian digital scene (not essentially Christian DJs) by way of mixsets, mixtapes, remixes, podcasts and the like:

Note: Because classifying music by subgenre will be arbitrary, many artists seem on a number of lists of music genres. Furthermore, artists listed have had respected album releases and are broadly accepted by DJs and followers of Christian EDM worldwide as digital artists.

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