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Joe Bar Team

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Joe Bar Team is a famed sequence of biker (“motards” in French) comics whose predominant characters expertise all form of conditions and adventures every-day riders encounter typically in actual life. They had been initially launched by Vents d’Ouest. The authentic concept was created by Bar2 (Christian Debarre) and carried on by Fane (Stéphane Deteindre) who additionally launched three new youthful characters.

Appearing because the first album
Joe, cafe proprietor. Does not usually experience, however has appeared on a Moto Guzzi at the least twice.
Edouard Bracame – (Arbre à cames : camshaft) Honda CB750 since second album : Honda CB 1000 Big One
Guido Brasletti An Italian trying wording of “guidon bracelet” which was a really typical modification on Italian bikes or with Italian components. They had been small implements that connected on to the entrance fork tubes as an alternative of the standard handlebar and gave a ahead crouched extra aerodynamic place. Known in UK as ‘clip-ons’. – Ducati 750 sport since second album Ducati 900SS
Jean-Raoul Ducable Pun on ” J’enroule du cable” (rolling in cable) a slang manner of claiming accelerating on a motorcycle because you twist the deal with to “roll in cable”- Kawasaki 750 H2 since second album Suzuki GSXR 750
Jean Manchzeck – (pun on “j’emmanche sec” a slang manner of claiming I drive very quick ) Norton Commando 850 since second album Triumph Daytona 900
Appeared within the second album for the primary time:
Paul Posichon (Gallicization of “pole place”) – Yamaha XT600
Pierre Leghnome – (Leghnome : the gnome; making an allowance for the sheer dimension of the V-Max) Yamaha V-Max
Jérémie Lapurée Pun on “J’ai remis la purée” a slang approach to say I accelerated once more, la purée is a metaphor for power- Harley-Davidson XL883R Sportrack
Raoul Toujourd, Pun on “roule toujours”, or “all the time rolls”. BMWs of the period had been recognized for his or her reliability, if not all the time for his or her pace. – BMW R90/6

Joe Bar Team featured briefly within the British journal Super Bike.

Currently, six volumes and a particular are nonetheless printed. The first and fifth album had been made by Bar2, the opposite 4 albums had been made by Fane.

The first quantity was initially launched in 1990 and has had seven extra volumes for a complete of eight. The riders’ adventures had been initially set in 1975 Paris however their bikes had been switched for extra fashionable ones in among the comics. The time setting isn’t actually essential, because the conditions they encounter are timeless, humorously depicting all elements of motorcycling spirit.

Joe Bar is a pun on barjo, a colloquial phrase which implies nuts, not, as is typically thought, jobard which implies naive or gullible.

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