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Scottish Oils

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Scottish Oils Ltd wis established bi the Anglo-Persian Oil Company (the ancestor o BP) in 1919 bi merging 5 Scottish ile shale firms (Young’s Paraffin Licht & Mineral Oil Company, Broxburn Oil Company, Pumpherston Shale Oil Company, Oakbank Oil Company an James Ross & Company Philpstoun Oil Works), wis a producer o shale ile.[1][2][3][4] Shale ile manufacturing in Scotland ceased within the early Nineteen Sixties however thare wis an unsuccessful try tae revive it in 1973.[5] The firm wis wound up on 15 December 2010.[6] The Scottish Oil Agency Ltd wis a distributing an promoting organisation o Scottish Oils Ltd.[7] A Scottish Oil Agency rail tanker is preserved on the Museum o the Scottish Shale Oil Industry.[8]

History o shale ile in Scotland

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