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The Brain of Morbius

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Sarah Jane hears a voice calling for Solon. Following the sound, she enters a hidden laboratory and stumbles blindly in direction of a glowing mind in a tank, which accuses her of being despatched by the Sisterhood to destroy it. Solon enters and drags her away. As he closes the door, she hears Solon handle the voice as “Morbius” and hears how Solon has despatched the Doctor right into a lure. She locks Solon within the laboratory and, nonetheless blind, makes her means out of the fort.

Sarah Jane follows Solon and Condo as they make their means in direction of the temple. Solon asks the Sisters to spare the Doctor, or at the least give him the Doctor’s head. A disguised Sarah frees the Doctor, however she is blinded by the vitality from Maren’s ring. They return to the fort, the place the Doctor asks Solon to look at Sarah Jane’s eyes. Solon tells him that Sarah’s retinas have been nearly fully destroyed, however there may be one probability: the Elixir of Life. The Doctor goes to the Sisterhood, unaware that Solon has lied about Sarah Jane’s situation and has notified the Sisterhood that the Doctor is coming again.

The Doctor regains consciousness to search out himself surrounded by members of the Sisterhood. The Doctor realises that simply earlier than he handed out, he felt the thoughts of Morbius. Maren refuses to imagine him.

The Doctor is aware of of Solon as an authority on microsurgical strategies and tissue transplant. The Doctor recognises a clay bust as that of Morbius, one of the Time Lords’ best criminals. Before he can say something additional, a drug takes impact, and the Doctor passes out. Sarah Jane pretends that she has succumbed. In the laboratory, Solon’s examination of the Doctor confirms that he’s a Time Lord. As he and Condo depart the room, the Doctor vanishes. Sarah Jane retains hidden and enters the lab. She attracts again the curtain on a mattress, pondering it’s the Doctor, however because the lights come up, she sees a headless, patchwork creature produced from numerous physique components.

Meanwhile, the Sisterhood of Karn uncover the TARDIS and teleport it to their temple. Their aged chief, Maren, identifies it as a Time Lord vessel, and believes that the Doctor has come to steal their Elixir of Life.

The TARDIS materialises on Karn, and the Fourth Doctor rushes out, ranting on the Time Lords for diverting him to this planet. Sarah Jane Smith finds the alien’s escape pod and sees a valley full of wrecked spacecraft, in addition to the headless physique of an alien which the Doctor identifies as a Mutt. She and the Doctor make for a fort that she spots. The travellers are welcomed by Solon, complimenting the Doctor on his “magnificent” head.

On the planet Karn, an insect-like alien is killed by Condo, a person with a hook for a hand, who takes its head to a fort and his grasp Solon. However, the top is unsuitable — Solon wants a head from a warm-blooded humanoid.

The serial is taken into account to have many thematic hyperlinks to Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein.[1]
It is about on the planet Karn, the place the surgeon Mehendri Solon (Philip Madoc) seeks to create a physique for the Time Lord conflict prison Morbius (Stuart Fell and Michael Spice) from components of different creatures which have come to the planet.

The Brain of Morbius is the fifth serial of the thirteenth season of the British science fiction tv sequence Doctor Who, which was first broadcast in 4 weekly components on BBC1 from 3 to 24 January 1976. The on-screen author credit score is given to Robin Bland, a pseudonym for author and former script editor Terrance Dicks, whose unique script had been closely rewritten by his successor as script editor, Robert Holmes. It is the primary serial to function the Sisterhood of Karn.


  • Tom Baker – Fourth Doctor


  • Tom Baker – Fourth Doctor

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