May 10, 2021

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Jean de Pauly

Jean de Pauly (Albania, 1860 – Lyon, 1903) was the translator of French editions of the parts of the Talmud and the primary full translation of the Zohar. He typically signed his works “Pavly.”[1]
Born in Albania, he earned his doctorat ès lettres in Palermo, then lived at Basel, Lyon, the place he seems to have been a instructor on the School of the Sacred Heart, then Rome, Orleans, Turin, earlier than returning to die in poverty in Lyon. In his final years he was occupied with the interpretation of the Zohar, proposed to Pauly by France’s greatest paper producer, the Catholic Émile Lafuma-Giraud, and printed 1906-11.[2] His Zohar translation was criticised by Gershom Scholem for falsifying the guide’s content material.[3][4]

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