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User interface markup language

A consumer interface markup language is a markup language that renders and describes graphical consumer interfaces and controls. Many of those markup languages are dialects of XML and are dependent upon a pre-existing scripting language engine, normally a JavaScript engine, for rendering of controls and further scriptability.

WTKX is an XML-based markup language used for constructing Apache Pivot purposes. Though it’s mostly used for outlining the construction of an utility’s consumer interface, it may be used to declaratively assemble any sort of Java object hierarchy.

UsiXML (which stands for User Interface Extensible Markup Language) is an XML-compliant markup language that describes the UI for a number of contexts of use similar to Character User Interfaces (CUIs), Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs), Auditory User Interfaces, and Multimodal User Interfaces.
In different phrases, interactive purposes with various kinds of interplay strategies, modalities of use, and computing platforms might be described in a approach that preserves the design independently from peculiar traits of bodily computing platform.

The main interface language of Mozilla Foundation merchandise is XUL. XUL paperwork are rendered by the Gecko engine, which additionally renders XHTML and SVG paperwork. It cooperates with many present requirements and applied sciences, together with CSS, JavaScript, DTD and RDF.

OASIS UIML is an XML-based customary consumer interface markup languages.[citation needed] It is an open customary the place implementation will not be restricted to a single vendor.

MXML is the XML-based consumer interface markup language launched by Macromedia in March 2004. It is now a part of the Open Source ( Adobe Flex SDK model 4. MXML recordsdata compile into Flash SWF through the Flex SDK, and are rendered both on the web browser, through Adobe Flash plug-in, or as stand-alone cross-platform purposes, through the Open Source Adobe AIR SDK.

QML is a cross-platform markup language for creating hardware-accelerated OpenGL-powered consumer interfaces for units starting from cell to desktop. QML interfaces are manipulated utilizing the JavaScript language. QML is a part of the Qt Project, owned initially by Nokia, however now owned by Digia.

XFD, which stands for XML Form Definition is the consumer interface markup language behind STARLIMS product ([permanent dead link]), developed by Abbott Informatics. STARLIMS product has a complete ecosystem of runtime and design time instruments to run and create visible types utilizing XFD language. STARLIMS v10 is powered by an XFD runtime developed utilizing Microsoft .NET Framework and hosted in Internet Explorer browser. STARLIMS v11 introduces an extra XFD engine primarily based on a server-side transformation engine that transforms the XFD into HTML5 appropriate knowledge designed to run on any HTML5 compliant browser. XFD is programmable in JavaScript primarily based language.

User interface markup languages, like most markup and programming languages, rely on sub-application runtimes to interpret and render the markup code as program code that may be processed and put out within the desired kind. In XML-based consumer interface markup languages, the markup is normally interpreted and represented as a tree of nodes that could be manipulated at runtime by the applying’s code or dynamically loaded consumer script.

The idea of the consumer interface markup languages is based upon the will to stop the “re-invention of the wheel” within the design, improvement and performance of a consumer interface; such re-invention comes within the type of coding a script for your complete consumer interface. The typical consumer interface markup language solidifies usually re-used program or script code within the type of markup, making it simpler to focus upon design of a consumer interface in an comprehensible dialect versus concentrate on perform.

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