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Mk 14 Enhanced Battle Rifle

The Mk 14 Enhanced Battle Rifle (EBR) is an American army selective hearth battle rifle chambered for the 7.62×51mm NATO cartridge. It is a variant of the M14 battle rifle and was initially constructed to be used with models of United States Special Operations Command, such because the United States Navy SEALs, Delta Force, and job particular Green Berets ODA groups/models.[5]

Sage International had some involvement within the determination of whether or not to speculate roughly $120,000 in an injection mould incorporating into the design the rail attachments or machine the substitute inventory from a stable billet of aluminum with the latter being chosen, which was then proven on the SHOT Show in Orlando in 2003.

A Kydex hand guard and M68 CCO are additionally added, although they’re virtually all the time changed with a vertical foregrip and magnifying scope for higher dealing with and to be used in a chosen marksman position.[citation needed] A Wind Talker suppressor may be mounted on the DC Vortex flash hider,[11] although the U.S. army didn’t undertake one to lively service.

This weapon upgrades the usual M14 motion and replaces the usual 22.0-inch (560 mm) barrel with an 18.0-inch (460 mm) barrel bolted onto a telescoping chassis inventory system[5] with a pistol grip, a special entrance sight, Harris bipod, 4 Picatinny accent rails (which encompass the barrel),[5] and a more practical flash hider instead of the usual lugged USGI flash suppressor.[10] A paddle-type bolt cease just like that of the M4 carbine is used on the rifle. The EBR chassis system inventory is made up solely of light-weight plane alloy.

In early 2017, the Army started writing a brand new requirement for an SDM rifle for fight platoons and squads. Although the Army has been utilizing the M14 EBR since 2009, they needed to be turned in when coming back from theater, and it had weight points being virtually 15 lb (6.8 kg) unloaded. A brand new marksman rifle will equip every fight arms squad weighing about 11 lb (5.0 kg) firing normal M80A1 7.62 mm rounds fitted with a rifle optic somewhat than a telescopic sight.[8] In March 2018, the Army introduced {that a} model of the HK G28, which had already been chosen to switch the M110 SASS, can be issued because the service’s normal SDMR. Issuing a 7.62 mm SDMR is supposed to extend particular person squads’ skill to defeat enemy physique armor that normal 5.56×45mm rounds can’t penetrate. Fielding was deliberate to start out in late 2018.[9]

Users have praised the weapon for its ergonomics, low recoil, and low value, in addition to having the choice of varied optics and equipment. It might change all “surplus M14s into trendy battle rifles”. The rifle has seen restricted service outdoors of the U.S. army, primarily with the Australian SASR of their Afghanistan deployment.[citation needed]

United States Navy SEALs had been the primary to be armed with the EBR in 2004, adopted by the U.S. Coast Guard. The U.S. Army additionally makes use of with the M14 EBR-RI, being created and up to date by the Weapons Product Support Integration Directorate of the TACOM Life Cycle Management Command on the Keith L. Ware Test Facility in Rock Island Arsenal, Illinois; having fielded roughly 5,000 models by mid-2010. United States Marine Corps models had been[when?] additionally contemplating the EBR, however wound up as an alternative creating the M39 Enhanced Marksman Rifle.

In 2003, Ron Smith and Smith Enterprise, Inc. created its personal model of the M14 EBR (MK14 SEI),(*14*)[7] which used a medium heavy weight 457 mm (18.0″) barrel and was extra broadly favored than the rifle made by Rock and Ribordy. The Smith Enterprise-based MK14 was then used as a foundation to ultimately create the Mk 14 Mod 0 with Springfield Armory, Inc. being tasked to provide the mandatory equipment wanted to create the weapon in cooperation with the Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane Division.

Development started in 2000 with a request by the United States Navy SEALs for a extra compact M14 battle rifle.[6] In 2001, Mike Rock Rifle Barrels was the one rifle barrel maker requested by United States Special Operations Command to take part in a SOPMOD convention to create what can be the Mk 14 Mod 0 EBR, with particulars that embody a collapsible inventory that was requested for the brand new rifle and with an aluminum physique with telescopic rails. Mike Rock collaborated with engineer Jim Ribordy to make the brand new rifle. Tests confirmed that their rifle was efficient, however had extreme noise issues.

These weapons are made for each the designated marksman and the shut fight roles. Since 2010, the U.S. Army has assigned two M14 EBR-RI rifles per infantry platoon for models deploying to Afghanistan. The M14 EBR-RI has a typical weight 22.0-inch (560 mm) barrel and lugged GI flash hider; it’s not to be confused with the Mk 14 Mod 0 or Mod 1.

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