June 24, 2021

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Statue of David Bowie

Less than 48 hours after the statue was unveiled, it was vandalised. “Feed the homeless first” was written in entrance of it, “RIP DB” on a wall beside it and a bit of the statue was painted on.[3] In October 2018, it was vandalised for a second time with graffiti sprayed onto the statue, some pavements, doorways and hoardings.[4]

The statue acquired blended opinions. Online artwork journal Artlyst described it as “hideous”, poorly rendered and never becoming a person (Bowie) who cherished advantageous artwork. Rob Stringer, CEO of Sony Music, described the statue as “stunning”.[2]

Money to create the work was raised by means of grants and a £100,000 crowdfunding attraction by music promoter David Stopps.[1]

The statue was unveiled in 2018 in Aylesbury the place Bowie debuted his Ziggy Stardust character. Entitled “Earthly Messenger”, it’s located in Market Square. It incorporates a likeness of Bowie from 2002 and a range of his alter egos down the years, with Ziggy on the entrance. Speakers mounted above the life-size piece play a Bowie music each hour.

The David Bowie Statue is a bronze sculpture of David Bowie sculpted by Andrew Sinclair and unveiled in 2018 in Market Square, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire by Howard Jones.

Andrew Sinclair

Andrew Sinclair

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