Is Your Wi-Fi Down? Here’s What You Can Do to Fix It

Does it feel like you have traveled back in time every time your area suffers an internet outage? Don’t worry, you haven’t been transported back to the dark ages (not yet anyway!). But with everything coming to a pause during an outage, it can get annoying, so what should one do? And what are the core reasons for an area outage? Let’s find out:

Has Your Internet Service Gone Off? Here’s What You Need to Do to Come Back Online

Losing the internet, especially when you are in the middle of an important task or simply streaming a funny cat video on YouTube, can put a dent in your concentration or fun time. That’s because all of a sudden, everything stops and won’t load. Though it may first annoy you that slowly turns into worry, especially if it doesn’t get fixed on its own. And you don’t know the first thing about troubleshooting. So, what you probably should do next, is call up the support center and explain your internet situation. But if you find out that there is nothing from your ISP’s end that can be done for the outage, what should you do?

Instead of letting a messed up service disrupt your day, why not fix it as quickly as you can? Listed below are some of the common causes, of why your internet connection could be facing an outage. Let’s quickly dive into some solutions to find out how these can be fixed:

Inept Internet Equipment Leads to Internet Hiccups

The first thing you should probably check when the internet goes out is your network connection. Especially if the lights on the modem or router have started flickering or the usually seamless web browsing is hiccupping much. To resolve this issue, all you need to do is restart all connected internet devices, which will instantly refresh the system. Simply press the power button on the side to begin again. You can even unplug and plug again so that the device gets restored. And starts working afresh. Once you do this, you will notice that the hiccup has completely gone away (or even has been minimized for some time.)

But if you continue to face persistent issues and troubleshooting doesn’t seem to be helping you, then we suggest that you reset the device and put it back into factory settings. Doing so will erase all custom Wi-Fi settings, so be prepared to personalize your device again, if you want the connection to work as smoothly as possible. Browse the web a bit to check if outage issues are dissolved or not. If you can move smoothly around the internet, then they probably are. And if it is otherwise and you are still not able to resolve your issues, then you need to call external support for their assistance.

Inadequate Wi-Fi Coverage Leads

There are so many times when the internet isn’t properly functioning and you have tried a gazillion hacks to restart the internet. If that’s the case with you, check the reason behind that consistent lagging. One reason could be that you are sitting in a dead zone in your house. Wi-Fi dead zone(s) is an area or several particular spots within the house, where wireless signals are unable to reach. Hence, they are called dead zones because in such spots, chances are that you might face internet buffering or the usual digital activity could suffer from insufficient speed and lag unnecessarily.

To make sure that the current internet service is working properly at your end and the equipment is also working fine, why not conduct a couple of internet speed tests in various locations of your house? This will prove to be a helpful practice and you will also know where to place your devices so that the quality and speed of your connection are immediately boosted!

Malware Can Lead to Internet Issues

A compromised connection is the least likely thing to happen since most service networks today ensure high-definition digital privacy and unbeatable safety. If you are using a service that comes with an embedded security suite and can tackle all kinds of cyber threats and digital sharks with panache, then you have nothing to worry about. And if you aren’t using such a service, invest in a top-of-the-range ISP like Spectrum Internet, which offers anything but mediocre service across the nation! On the other hand, if you suspect that the current ISP is not facilitating you with a secure connection, it’s time to re-evaluate your relationship with the provider and find one that promises full-on security.


That’s because a compromised network means that your entire personal profile is laid bare for any tom, dick, and harry to get access to or harm in the process. Additionally, you can follow simple steps which will also ensure that you are always safe online. Restricting access to your home internet connection by setting up a strong password, followed by regularly updating your firmware would prevent any hackers to infiltrate your connected gadgets or devices via the home internet system.

Check If Bad Weather is Responsible for A Glitchy Service

There are times when all the above-mentioned factors are not the ones responsible for your network hiccuping and ultimately stopping working at all. Sometimes, Mother Nature too can mess with your network connection, especially if your service connection is more prone to an outage when the weather goes sour! Hard rain in the terrain or heavily clouded weather can affect coverage drastically and interfere with your internet signals. In this case, since there is not much that you can do about the outage in the area, we suggest that you stay in touch with the service center to find out the status of your network and simply wait for the signals to return to normal as usual.

What If it’s Not an Internet Connection Issue?

Figuring out exactly what the main issue is can take a bit of inspection and in-depth diagnosis on your part. Even if you are not the technical kind, and your intuition says that the issue doesn’t specifically pertain to a certain website or device, we suggest that you check it out. For instance, if your Netflix connection has started to buffer just as you are about to reach the midpoint of your movie, first check if the other internet-based devices are operational and accessible. If they are working, then the issue lies with your streaming device and not the internet-based one. But if you continue to have issues with other digital devices as well, then the internet is to blame.

Wrapping It Up,

Internet outages are infrequent but they are not inevitable, so no matter how spectacular your ISP claims to be, there will be situations when an outage might randomly occur, stranding you with zero internet connectivity at your end. While it is practically impossible to subscribe to a provider who never has any blackouts or doesn’t face outages, it is far more sensible to subscribe to a provider that has a great tech support team at the back! That’s because they will be the only calm in your storm, especially when lack of internet causes you to panic. Sign up with a service provider that’s readily accessible across the country.


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